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Universal Adhesive No.380

Natural latex milk and natural resin dispersion adhesive. Suitable for strong bonding in interior applications, e.g. textile floor coverings, natural fibre carpets, natural stone or Solnhofer tiles.

* For cork
* For linoleum
* For ceramic tiles 

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Use for unsealed cork materials (sheet and roll bulk), linoleum, linoleum-cork composite laminated materials, cork composite and cork felt board, textile floor coverings (tiles and roll bulk), natural fibre carpets with jute and naturel latex backing, of ceramic tiles laid by the thin bed method, but not for floors in wet areas (e.g. shower/bath). Suitable tiles are ceramic tiles, slabs, natural stone tiles and Solnhof tiles. This eco glue is becoming a firm favourite with customer no longer willing to put up with toxic smells. Coverage depends on the materials being used.