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Wall Paper Paste No.389

AURO 389 is pure methyl cellulose – fungicide free wallpaper paste.

For do-it-yourselfers and professionals: easy wallpapering of thin and heavy material types. Just mix the powder made of pure methyl cellulose with water.

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Use: For the glueing of light, medium heavy and heavy wallpapers. Also great for paper mache projects with the kids

Preparation: Substrate must be firm, dry and clean. Fill cracks and holes with AURO Wall and No. 329. Crumbling plaster can be solidified with AURO Primer for Various Plaster No. 301. Pre-paste highly absorbent substrates.

Application: Stir powder evenly and clump-free into cold water. Let it swell for one hour and stir well again. Paste the rear of the wallpaper evenly, let it soak and paste on. Apply glue especially thoroughly at the seam edges. 

Composition: 100 % pure methyl cellulose - no fungicides

Use Mixing ratio Water per 200g Coverage (200g)
Pre-pasting 1 : 80 16 litres 120 - 160 m2
Light wallpapers 1 : 50 10 litres 80 - 100 m2
Medium heavy 1 : 45 9 litres 60 - 80 m2
Heavy or fibre papers 1 : 40 8 litres 40 - 60 m2

Attention: Store dry and cool and keep out of reach of children. Do not pour into the sewage. Dry remnants can be composted or put into the household garbage. Disposal of liquid residues: EAK waste code 200112; EAK classification: paints, glues.