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Texx Clean Carpet No.668

Practical all-in-one set for the hygienic and ecological cleaning of carpets, upholstery or car seats. The box contains a 0,5 l bottle each of Stain remover spray No.667, Carpet pretreatment agent No.665 and the Carpet cleaner No.669. Also included are a handbrush and 3 special cloths for taking up dissolved dirt. 

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The Carpet cleaner is applied with a spray extraction cleaner. Such machines can usually be rented at interior decorators, DIY markets, or through specialised internet services.

The cleaners are made from natural raw materials that are fully biodegradable. TexxClean  does not leave any residues in the carpet that could do harm to humans or animals. As opposed to conventional carpet cleaners, the soft, fluffy feel of the carpet surface remains intact after the cleaning procedure - an advantage that is appreciated not only by those who love to loll around on the floor.