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Orange Thinner No.191

Thinner and cleaning agent with natural citrus fragrance. Suitable for diluting all AURO products from the PurSolid and Classic product ranges and for cleaning paint brushes and tools after use. Excellently suited as stain remover and as scented oil.

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AURO 191 is an all purpose citrus thinner made from 100% pure orange oil, for thinning all AURO oil based products such as AURO 126 and AURO 129 floor finishes and AURO 935 Gloss etc. 

Also use as a cleaner for brushes used with our oil based paints (a small dab even with our water-based systems really cuts down on cleaning time) and other utensils as well as for removing spots and stains following the use of oily AURO products.

It can also be used around the house to remove stubborn stains like adhesive left from stickers etc.

Do not use on fabrics or polished surfaces, this is a powerful solvent.