Malleable texture thanks to cellulose fibres: white decorative plaster for individual wall designs. Apply with a spatula or a wide paint brush, smooth over or texture in wavy patterns. Shells, grasses or tinted magic wool can be pressed into the plaster - there is no limit on creativity. If you want to add some colour, tint with 5% max. of AURO Full-shade tinting colour No. 330 (provides pastel colours), rework with AURO Colour wash plant glazes No. 360 or dirt-repellent AURO Wall glaze wax No. 370 to obtain a slightly coloured effect on the white plaster. In contrast to conventional plaster, wall coverings made of fibre plaster feel very warm and create a comfortable atmosphere. The product can also be used to create the "Concrete Look".

The biogenic binding agent REPLEBIN®* guarantees freedom from emissions and professional product features, e.g. better substrate compatibility and adhesion. The product has a better ability to bind pigments , it contains no oil and stays durably white.


*Replebin® is a legally protected development, a result of AURO’s own research.
Our binding agent Replebin® is independently certified as emission-free. The product is compliant with the AgBB standard.

No. 311 - Decorative Clay Plaster

SKU: 31110000

  • 6 square foot per liter

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