Tinting base paint for colouring AURO Chalk paint no. 326, High-grade lime paint no. 344, Lime filler no. 342, Lime plaster fine no. 345, Trowel lime plaster no. 347, as well as Anti-mould paint no. 327, Airfresh wall paint no. 328 and Lime-casein paint no. 751. Where vibrant colouring is desired the Lime tints can be painted as full tones.
Lime paints should preferably be applied with a wide paint brush in crossing movements. When rolling, apply the last layer in one direction only. The reworking of already dried surfaces or the spot repair of small areas will lead to brindle surface appearance.

No. 350 - Lime tinting base

  • 107 square foot per liter (as full shade color)

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