Based on natural latex, this is the ideal adhesive for heavy wallpapers and many other types of wall coverings. It is suited for textile fabrics, coarsely structured or textured wallpapers, wall coverings made of fleece, foamed vinyl, PVC, metal, glass fibres and many other materials. It is not suited for use in constantly damp areas. The adhesive is easy to use, dries up transparently and has a very high adhesive power.
Prime strongly absorbing substrates with Wall covering adhesive diluted with up to 50 % of water. Apply with a roller, covering the width of a wallpaper roll. Lay the wall covering into the still wet adhesive within 20 minutes and press on with a wallpaper roll.
The adhesive is particularly suitable for the Erfurt Variovlies Eco150 that is recommended as substrate for decorative techniques like Stuccolustro or the Concrete look.

No. 391 - Wall covering adhesive

SKU: 39102500
  • 86 square foot per kg

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