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Nowadays, paints, stains, oils and waxes, as well as cleaning, care and maintenance products bearing the AURO label are recognized as exemplary products for ecological building and living. The simple reason for that is: We do not accept compromise in the quality of our products for humans and the environment.

Moreover, unlike other producers, we don’t make a secret of the composition of our products. Our strength is the credibility that creates our customers' confidence. AURO’s ecological products meet even highest technical requirements which is confirmed in numerous product tests and certifications.

AURO is the pioneering enterprise in the field of consistently ecological paints, wood care and cleaning products.. AURO's paints, stains, oils, waxes, cleaning and care products show that products manufactured from natural raw materials are highly efficient and offer a unique combination of high quality and ecological orientation.



What distinguishes AURO products from other natural paints?

All AURO products are produced in our own plant with the highest ecological consistency: the ingredients mostly come from plants or minerals. The complete lack of petrochemical solvents is another part of the philosophy. This highest ecological standard is assured by the permanent monitoring of the raw materials and the continuous quality control.


What about the quality standard of AURO products?

AURO paints are “state of the art”. Regarding the handling and the durability, they are as good as most synthetic paints. Numerous certificates issued by independent institutes deliver evidence of the high technical quality. 

For instance, Stiftung Warentest, a German consumer organisation and foundation involved in investigating and comparing goods and services in an unbiased way, announced AURO Woodstain No. 160 the test winner (05/2006, Test Woodstains). This certifies that the quality of our wood stain is even higher than that of well-known, conventional producers.  

I am a vegan. Which AURO products are suitable for me?

The majority of AURO products is based on plants and minerals. Some products contain animal-derived ingredients. Those include beeswax, casein, lactic acid, shellac and cochenille. All vegan products are marked with the “vegan” icon on our website in the product information section so you can easily identify them.

Which product can be used safely for coating of wooden toys or beds for children? 

As one of the first producers, AURO implemented the amended requirements of the EU’s EN 71-3 standard for the toy safety by producing all its paints without cobalt. In this way we have achieved a leap in quality and developed a remedy against the long criticised cobalt, a drying agent that had been regarded as irreplaceable till then.

We offer a new generation of future-proof toy coatings that fulfill both the EN 71-3 standard and the DIN 53160 – perspiration and saliva proof. 

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