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Cheerful, conservative or trendy colourfulness for your walls thanks to natural earth and mineral pigments: tinting paint for AURO Wall paints no. 321, 524, the grip coats no. 505, 506, and the renderings no. 307, 308, 309, 311.
Can also be used on its own as particularly strong full-shade wall paint. Usually, one application is needed for an opaque full-shade coating. Because of their minor viscosity the preservative-free colour tones ultramarine blue (-50) and English red (-32) may need 2-3 coats for full coverage. As an alternative, we recommend our machine-mixed wall paints COLOURS FOR LIFE.
Find your favourite colour among hundreds of finely graded colours in our colour charts (our stockist keeps colour charts ready for you).

The AURO wall design products and tinting colours with the REPLEBIN® logo can be mixed without any problem.

NOTE: The product is in the process of transformation. Most colour tones are already available with the preservative-free formulation. Only the colours iron oxide brown (-81) and burnt umber (-82) still have preservatives.

The biogenic binding agent REPLEBIN®* guarantees freedom from emissions and professional product features, e.g. better substrate compatibility and adhesion. The product contains no oil, does not yellow and emits little odour during the drying process.

*REPLEBIN® is a legally protected development, a result of AURO’s own research.
Our binding agent REPLEBIN® is independently certified as emission-free. The product is compliant with the AgBB standard.

No. 330 - Full-shade tinting color

  • 107 square foot per liter (using full shade color)

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