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Innovative premium dispersion wall paint that is solvent-free and stays durably white. The biogenic binding agent Replebin®* guarantees professional product characteristics, e.g. high abrasion resistance (class 1), little tendency to drip or spatter, zero emission, tested according to the highest standards (AgBB, TUEV) and therefore especially recommended for living areas. The product is suited for all indoor surfaces, it adheres also on latex paints and other „difficult“ substrates. This wall paint has a pleasant smell and an excellent hiding power. It can be tinted with the Full-shade tinting colours no. 330.

In 2017, the optimisation of the product formulation led to a leap in quality that involved a better hiding power, longer open time and better processing properties, especially for wet-on- wet applications.


*Replebin® is a legally protected development, a result of AURO’s own research.
The biogenic nature of the binding agent is regularly examined and confirmed by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.
The biogenic basis of the binding agent/ of the formulation, as well as the low product emissions, are examined and confirmed by the Bremer Umweltinstitut (Bremen Institute on the Environment).

No. 524 - Plantodecor Premium wallpaint

  • 96 square foot per liter

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