Scandinavian Flooring

Step 1

Prepare Floor

Ensure surface is dry, clean, and free of grease

and sanded to desired smoothness

Completely remove any dust

Wash "greasy" wood types with a water/alcohol solution and let dry

Examples of "greasy" woods are ash, teak, cedar, cherry, oak, and pine

Step 2

Softwood or Hardwood

Cedar, Cypress, Fir, Hemlock, Pine, Larch, Redwood, Spruce

No. 401 - Softwood lye

No. 401 - Softwood lye


pH: 13.3

Maple, Ash, Birch, Cherry, Elm, Hickory, Oak, Walnut

No. 402 - Hardwood lye

No. 402 - Hardwood lye


pH: 2.0

Step 3

Final Coatings

Dries slightly yellowish, nearly colorless

No. 403 - Wood soap

No. 403 - Wood soap

Dries whitish transparent

No. 404 - Wood soap, white

No. 404 - Wood soap, white


1 quart wood soap with

2.5 gallons of water

Apply 3 coats with spreading blade or rag

For each coat allow 15 minutes before removing or spreading excess solution (for high quality surfaces, wood soap solution may be rubbed in with polishing machine)

Let each coat dry thoroughly before reapplying


Dilute 403 or 404

1 cup wood soap with

2.5 gallons of water

Have mop bucket with clean water to rinse and wring out after each bout of application

Mop moist with wood soap solution and let dry

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